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#one (voting results)

According to the poll, we'll be reading Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke!

I have yet to find a downloadale pdf file for those who need it, but I think it's pretty easy to find the audio book online. If you really want to spend the money, you can buy it at
and Other Places (maybe other people can suggest better places to buy from).

But I would definitely suggest cruising your local library before that.

Tomorrow I'll leave an open post for everyone to, if you want, leave random comments about the book as you're reading. I have a feeling I'll be stalking the threads, at the very least;;

The tentative end date is March 1st, but I understand that February is a short month and this is our first go, so if you need more time, just leave a comment here when it comes closer to the end of the month. If we get enough people not having finished yet, we'll extend it.

If you're having trouble finding the book (or the audio downloads online), just ask for help, I think we're all pretty helpful in a crunch around here♥
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